Welcome to the Business Mail Academy
The Business Mail Academy (BMA) at the National Center for Employee Development (NCED) in Norman, Oklahoma is focused on helping you move forward. The BMA offers an exciting curriculum of courses in business mail management for both USPS employees and business customers throughout the country. Courses provide hands-on experience in business mail functions, SOX compliance, plus administration and supervisory techniques to improve mailing operations. Curriculum is provided in blended learning format. We offer instructor led, self- study, and eLearning courses. So explore and see what the Business Mail Academy has in store for you.
Business Customer Courses
USPS Employee Courses
  • Auditing Business Mail EntryBusiness Mail Acceptance Shape Based
  • Business Mail Acceptance for Associate Offices • MTPL
  • Business Mail Acceptance for Associate Offices • self-study
  • Business Mail Acceptance for Postal Inspectors

  • Business Mail Acceptance Specialist
  • Business Reply Mail • WBTMailpiece Design AnalystMail Design Professional Online
  • Periodicals
  • Supervising the Business Mail Entry Function
Enrollment Process
Enrollment Process - Postal
  • USPS Employees contact their LD&D Specialist